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During the COVID-19 health emergency, the Ojai Valley News is offering more to our community, and working harder with fewer resources.

We have removed the pay-wall on all health-related content, and begun posting more up-to-the-minute stories per day on our website that are now viewed 47,000 times per month. With advertising revenue down, we depend, more than ever, on readers like you to support professional news media in the Ojai Valley.

In 2021, we are upgrading our techincal infastructure and adding reporting staff to add value through more news conent. Please help us bridge the gap during the coronavius emergency. Support the Ojai Valley's local independent free with your gift. 

The Ojai Valley News has been reporting for the people since 1891. Local News is a vital resource. The Ojai Valley News delivers professional, high-quality independent local news reporting and critical information in times of crisis. We report as a watchdog for the people, shine light and hold to account our government, institutions and local agencies and businesses. We also print history's first draft, encourage community conversations, promote arts, and remember our townspeople when they pass away.

The stakes are high; the future of our newspaper is inextricably linked to the future of our community.

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